The following are frequently asked questions of Air and Space Forces Tech Connect.
The S&T Front Door Service to Connect is a service to connect small business, industry, academia, government research centers, entrepreneurs and airmen with experts inside the Air Force and Space Force S&T enterprise through the website. This website also provides a place to browse current challenges, events, grants and other opportunities as well as links to Air Force and Space Force S&T websites.
Many potential partners wanting to interact with the Air Force have difficulty navigating its structure. The S&T 2030 Strategy was a call to action to correct this through a virtual front door to rapidly connect the Air Force and Space Force S&T enterprise to unique partnerships and innovation opportunities across joint services, academia, industry, small business, airmen, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists.
By sharing your idea and/or technology on the share an idea page, answering the five questions (what problem is this solving, who experiences the problem, how will you solve the problem, why is this a better solution, and what difference will it make), and selecting between the two disclosure agreements, your submission will be reviewed by Tech Connect team members (comprised of both Air Force and Space Force S&T Subject Matter Experts) and feedback will be provided.
After you submit an idea, you will receive an auto-generated confirmation email that confirms the idea was received. A Tech Connect member will review the idea for feasibility and potential for further exploration with a technical Subject Matter Expert (SME) within Air Force Research Lab and determine alignment with current Air Force and Space Force S&T opportunities and challenges. Once the review is accomplished, an email will be sent with further instructions (idea is being considered/not considered and/or has matched/not matched).
At this time, you cannot attach a photo or diagram to your initial submission. During the idea review, a request for additional information may be made from a Tech Connect team member or SME.
When submitting your idea, you have the option to select: disclosure not submitted in confidence (you give permission to the  Air Force and/or Space Force to use, modify,  publicly release, and/or implement our idea without obligation), or disclosure submitted in confidence (your idea is proprietary and/or privileged).
Anyone. Whether you are from academia, industry, small business, individuals, Air Force, Space Force or other government agencies, we invite you to share any ideas and get connected to the Air Force and Space Force S&T enterprise experts and opportunities.
AFRL leads the discovery, development and delivery of warfighting technologies for our air, space and cyberspace forces, and supports both the new U.S. Space Force and the U.S. Air Force. Learn more at:
The U.S. Space Force is designed to help protect the interests of the United States in space, deter aggression in the final frontier and conduct prompt and sustained space operations. The Space Force is the 6th independent U.S. military service branch, tasked with missions and operations in the rapidly evolving space domain and was signed into law Dec. 20, 2019 as part of the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act.