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The Swiss start-up company, ClearSpace SA, announced last December that it is to launch a four-arm claw in 2025 to help the European Space Agency to clean up space debris (Clear Space SA Drawing)

U.S. Space Force Looking Into On-Orbit Debris Removal and Satellite Refueling/Repair

The U.S. Space Force’s (USSF) SPACEWERX innovation arm is seeking the help of small businesses and...
SpaceWERX front page

SpaceWERX releases Orbital Prime Phase 1 solicitation

The Air Force Research Laboratory and SpaceWERX issued a solicitation today for the first phase of...
Courtesy Photo | AFRL physicists, Ryan Davidson (near) and Bryce Halter, examine test data from the main Precise satellite sensor, inside the Insitu Instrument Lab at AFRL's Space Vehicles Directorate.

AFRL uses expedited acquisition process in latest spacecraft contract award

The Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate awarded an $8.4 million contract to...

AFOSR Awards Grants to 36 Scientists and Engineers through its Young Investigator Research Program

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) today announced it will award...
The proposed Orbital Reef station can be expanded over time by adding more modules, but initially will be about one-third the size depicted here. Credit: Blue Origin

NASA, Space Force see growing opportunities to use commercial space services

Chief NASA economist Alex MacDonald: 'We found the commercial capabilities are able to move at...

A new way for the Air Force to make sure good ideas don’t get lost in the clouds

Einstein once said, “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there’s no hope for it.” Well, the Air...
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